Ready to start your content journey?


and  let’s get this content writing party started!


Welcome to the Introduction to Wow Words course within Wow School!

We are so excited to have you join us as a “Wow School Mini” and can’t wait for you to start your Wow Words journey through this mini course. The Intro to Wow Words course is, as its name suggests, an introduction into Wow School.

It is for new business owners who don’t know where to start and/or business owners who have never actually set the foundations for their content – so, you don’t have a plan. 

The program takes in all the essentials you need to set yourself up with your content, go out to the right people and write and create content that positions you as the best in the business while sharing your special messages.

Here’s what you will learn and do:

– TARGET: understanding and identifying your target market and what they need from you (including the issues they have).

– MESSAGE: identifying your message/s for your content.

– WOW FACTOR: identifying yours and BB’s Wow Words (major money step!).

– TOPICS: coming up with topics to write about (and reuse) easily (and the topics your target market want to know from you).

– TEMPLATES: writing frameworks so you can start to get out there more (especially on social media) and engage the right people.

– PROMO PLAN: finally, a simple promotion plan on how to deliver your social media content to your business bestie to get the very best outcomes.

A lot of the time, business owners face some massive struggles when it comes to their content…

Mentally put a tick beside these, if this is you! 

1. You don’t know who your target market is.

2. Your content isn’t engaging your audience (and said target market).

3. You don’t have the confidence to put yourself out there.

4. You have no idea what to write about / or you have too much to say (so you don’t do anything!)

5. It’s all a bit overwhelming and you don’t know where to start.

So how about we set the foundations and overcome these problems together?

What you need to know

This Wow School Mini Course is an introductory program under the Wow School banner and will be delivered online through workbooks, worksheets and videos. Not every module has a video or a workbook … but you will have everything you need.

It is self-paced and will officially run for 4 weeks, however, all the content will be available to you if you want to take massive action and just jump in. You will receive email reminders from us and are encouraged to ask questions and be present in the Facebook group.

As part of the course, you will also be added to the Wow School Facebook group. Please engage and ask questions in there. There are cool people with wonderful experience, like you, who hang out in there!


A few other things:

From time to time, you will be invited to paid and free events … this is something we do to keep your content writing journey moving along.

We will also invite you into Wow School’s flagship products … the mentoring packages and the famous 8-week “Content 2 Ca$h” online program (this is where the fun really happens because we have live calls every week. This is not available under any other course), which is why it is so valuable.

As part of the Minis you are entitled to redeem the price of this course when you sign up to the 8-week program … so that means $500 off the 8-week program! If you want to know more … simply book a chat with us to discuss.