Ready to transform your business?

Welcome to your 8-week “5 STAR Content2 Ca$h” online course, where everything we do comes back to transforming your business and your life. During our time together we will focus on the impact we have on those around us and how we can change the world through each piece of content.
It’s time to stand out, write words that connect and find your voice … to rise up and let it be heard, so you can share your amazing experiences, your own personal journey and stories and showcase the knowledge you have accumulated.

It’s time for you to SHINE ONLINE!


2. Find your STYLE online and your write for your Business Bestie

3. Write words with SOUL and SUBSTANCE – use stories and other secret tricks and hacks

4. Work to the winning STRUCTURE – we have a template for every piece on content imaginable, include the 7 pieces of content you need for a WOW Online presence

5.  Land more SALES – and other money makers from your content. Yes, it’s possible.

Pre-course work: 144 ideas to make more money!

You are going to crush it from the very beginning by building your content on a solid foundation.

Enter the Content Creator! This is your ticket to 144 ways to make more money from your content ideas. Want to write a book, this is it. Want to run a workshop? This is your starting point!

Week 1: Business Foundations Strategy
Content 2 Ca$h starts here with these basic tactics!

Turn your content into cash from the very beginning … the fundamentals of writing connected content that has value and getting sales from your words from the very first, well, word!

Discover your financial goals, online funnel and fan framework to SUPERCHARGE your content and write words that sell (without selling)!

Week 2: Content Planning Strategy
Write your topics for 3 months 

Design your three-month editorial calendar and content plan… and save yourself the hassle of trying to think of something to write every single week.

Then write your first month of content in 2 hours! Stop it! Let your content start working to get you in those leads NOW!

Week 3: Content Brand/Journey Strategy
Write to attract new clients / Define your message

Get clear on who you are going to be online, define your messages and find your voice to have an impact on those around you and the world in general. Plus your content’s brand.

We are getting into your customer journey through your content too this week so you can share your voice more effectively! Words are powerful when you use them in a meaningful way. People will be inspired by you and be drawn to you, which equals more fans and business bestie clients.

Week 4 – Content Writing Strategy
7 pieces of content you need to stand out, but first SEO

Surprise! Week 4 is a very important week because we get down to writing and implementation now. There are two parts to Week 4. Stories and SEO, plus you will start writing or re-writing your website. But first you need to know and understand SEO (search engine optimisation) and don’t worry, it’s not as scary or hard as people make out! So here are the tools you need to be found by your business besties online. East, right!


Share stories, get sales on your website

The 7 pieces of content you need to write to have a stand-out online presence that gets results! And the tools and templates you need to write your website content quickly.

You will have access to tools I use, templates I wrote and still use for our clients, tricks and tips. As well as the formulas and frameworks to connect on every level and convert at the same time.

Week 5: Social Media Strategy
Grow your FAN base with free gifts and strategic content!

You are found. More people start to follow you. You get inquiries every day. Clients come back to you because you make it easy for them.

The leverage journey begins … and it really starts with your social media accounts. Get more speaking gigs, more guest posting opportunities, more interviews, more collaborations and partnerships. Whatever you want and need – social media is the key!

Week 6: Promotion Strategy
Explode your profile online

The secret trick to turn your content into a real leads-gen machine.

Content can become webinars, workshops and books within minutes. Grow your email list by 250 people from one webinar, or make $25,000 from one workshop.

This restyling method is going to blow your mind!

Week 7: Lead Generation and Sales Strategy
The money steps!

In the module I’ll show you the money steps.

The specific sales strategies I use and have used since I started in business to never be a day without clients.

You will feel happier, more accomplished and free, so you can do, see and be more.

Week 8: Your Wow Life Strategy
The 6-figure follow-up fortune and your business and life next steps 

Harness the following up and some other secret tricks of the trade to power up your content and transform your business once and for all!

We are going to blow up the internet! 

What’s happening for you now that the course is finishing? What does your Wow Life look like and where is it taking you? The content steps are critical!