Ready to transform your content and business?

Welcome to your 8-week “Content 2 Ca$h” online course and journey, where everything we do comes back to transforming your business through the power and beauty of words! During our time together we will focus on the impact we have on those around us and how we can change the world through each piece of content.
It’s time to stand out, write words that connect and find your voice … to rise up and let it be heard, so you can share your amazing experiences, your own personal journey and stories and showcase the knowledge you have accumulated so it helps your clients and potential new clients.

It’s time for you to SHINE ONLINE!

I have devised a 5-step content writing success methodology that we will follow together so you have your own success. It looks like this:

1. Devise a solid CONTENT FOUNDATIONS STRATEGY 2. Find your STYLE online and your write for your Business Bestie 3. Write words with SOUL and SUBSTANCE – use stories and other secret tricks and hacks 4. Work to the winning STRUCTURE – we have a template for every piece on content imaginable, include the 7 pieces of content you need for a WOW Online presence 5.  Land more SALES – and other money-makers from your content. Yes, it’s possible.
Get excited, my friend, this is the best time to working on your online presence, profile and offering – and it’s going to set your business up for super success now and in years to come! THIS IS YOUR MAIN PAGE! Each week a new module will be released on this page and each week you will be able to click on it and it will take you to the training and downloads.   CONTENT DROPS Your content will drop every Monday morning at 9am (AEST/Qld Time). Your instructions will be in that email. Please check junk and spam if you don’t receive it. Email if still don’t receive it so we can manually send it to you!   LIVE MEETS  We are meeting once a month for live writing sessions, we will remind you of those!
Content Creator: 144 ideas to make more money! (pre-course work) You are going to crush it from the very beginning by building your content on a solid foundation. Enter the Content Creator! This is your ticket to 144 ways to make more money from your content ideas. Want to write a book, this is it. Want to run a workshop? This is your starting point! Digital product? Try this! Online course … download the Content Creator.
Week 1: Content Foundations Strategy Content 2 Ca$h starts here with these basic strategies and tactics! Turn your content into cash from the very beginning … the fundamentals of writing Connected Content that has value and gets leads, sales and clients from your very first, well, word! Mapping your content out to match your business goals and working on the overall vision of your content.
Week 2: Editorial planning and writing Strap yourself in for some writing time! It’s time to get down to writing and have some fun with planning your content! Let’s get organised and confident, and save time by using your personal formula and Content Creator with 144 ideas to produce a three-month editorial plan that will have you writing connected content to let the world know who you are and what you have to offer, while cutting down on the writing time.
Week 3: Story writing and telling It’s time to write and share your stories Let’s become “the voice” for our community, customers and clients. Let’s take a stand, share our message and impact and change the world. It’s time to share your story and introduce more stories into your content. If you have ever wanted the secret to better results online – it’s sharing stories, in particular, your story.
Week 4: Website and SEO Let’s write your website! Week 4 is a very important week because we get down to writing and implementation now – and we are going to write your website content. If you have a website, I encourage you to look at the content again and update it. You can also master search engine optimization (SEO) in a bonus module in the Helpful Resources section.
Week 5: Social media and free download Let’s write your freebie and social content! This is the start of your leveraging and making your content work harder for you! It’s time to grow your FAN base with free gifts and strategic social media content! Feel calm and relaxed knowing you have a social plan that fits into your overall content strategy, target audience and message, and you know exactly what to post. You will write your social content, create your free gift and promote it!
Week 6: Restyling your content Landing pages, blogs, downloads and more! This week we are talking about harnessing the power of content by restyling your About page for LinkedIn and your speaker’s bio, your blog posts into guest blog posts, your download into your landing page and your blogs into social media. Plus there is bonus content on working with the media!
Week 7: Your leverage content! Emails, sequences and promotion That’s right, we have the money steps for you this week, all through your content! Promoting your content is a much more valuable way to promote yourself and your business. In the module, I’ll show you the specific content strategies and how to write your leverage content – newsletter, email sequences, and email blasts – to never be a day without leads and new clients.
Week 8: Getting more from your content Sales and follow up content Welcome to your official wrap party – we pour a glass of virtual champagne and cheers to the work you have done and the where you are now in just two months … you dream about the future and then take the next steps to get there – from now to wow – and content will now become a natural thing you do every day!