Social media and free gift (download)

Welcome to Week 5 … this is the start of your leveraging and making your content work harder for you! It’s time to grow your FAN base with free gifts and strategic social media content!

Week 5 – Writing your social media and free download!

MODULE PURPOSE: Feel calm and relaxed knowing you have a social plan that fits into your overall content strategy, target audience and message, and you know exactly what to post. You will write your social content, create your free gift and promote it!

Your Week 5 pre-recorded webinar awaits!

And here’s your Module 5 Wowbook!

This week’s templates

Template: Creating your download
Template: Writing your promotion post
You are awesome! kiss

What next?

Remember if you need a hand, post in the Facebook group (the 8-week group) and tag me or one of my team. Or email We are always here for you!

Take care and see you on the LIVE call!

Liz xo

Helpful Resources (if you need it)

Funnel webinar: Create an awesome download
Funnel webinar: Write an awesome download
Writing Time – how to write a promotion post
Liz’s social media planner 
Please note, only use this if comfortable (watch live reply to understand how to use it)

Week 5 LIVE recording