Writing your website

Welcome to Week 4 – Module 4 – PART 1! Strap yourself in to write your website! PLUS a bonus SEO module.

Week 4 – Writing your website!

Week 4 is a very important week because we get down to writing and implementation now – and we are going to write your website content. If you have a website, I encourage you to look at the content again and update it. You can also master search engine optimization (SEO) in a bonus module in the Helpful Resources section. Let’s do this!

Part 1: SEO Helpful Resources (BONUS)

Get clear on your keywords and how to inject them into your content so you come up in search and people find you online because you have the right words! Hands up who wants to get to page one of Google?!



SEO  wowbook

Writing Template

Part 2: Writing your Website – Helpful Resources

Website writing template

What next?

Remember if you need a hand, post in the Facebook group (the 8-week group) and tag me or one of my team. Or email support@ecwritingservices.com. We are always here for you! Take care and see you on the LIVE call! Liz xo

Week 4 Live Recording