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Welcome to Week 3 – Module 3!

Week 3 – You’re the Voice!

“You’re the voice try and understand it.” A classic song by Australian legend John Farnham. Let’s become “the voice” for our people. Let’s take a stand. Share our message and impact and change the world. MODULE PURPOSE: Let’s share our story and just more stories in general! If you have ever wanted the secret to better results online – it’s sharing stories, in particular, your story. MODULE VISION: Write your business story + write, produce and share your “Take a Stand” story. Everywhere!

Week 3: Pre-recorded webinar

And here’s your Module 3 Wowbook!

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What’s next?

Remember if you need a hand, post in the Facebook group (the 8-week group) and tag me or one of my team. Or email We are always here for you! Take care and see you on the LIVE call! Liz xo

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Week 3 Live Recording