Editorial Plan and Writing Basics

Welcome to Week 2 – Module 2! Strap yourself in for some writing time!

Week 2 – Now to Wow!

It’s time to get down to writing and have some fun with planning and writing your content!

MODULE PURPOSE: To be organised, confident and save time by using your personal formula and Content Creator with 144 ideas to produce a three-month content strategy that will have you writing connected content in 30 minutes and let the world know who you are and what you have to offer.

MODULE VISION: You will design your three-month content plan and schedule your time to create the content.

Week 2: Pre-recorded webinar

And here’s your Module 2 Wowbook!

Week 2 Template

What next?

Remember if you need a hand, post in the Facebook group (the 8-week group) and tag me or one of my team. Or email support@ecwritingservices.com. We are always here for you! Take care and see you on the LIVE call! Liz xo

Extra helpful resources

To help get you writing straight away (if you choose to, and I suggest you do!), here are some blog writing templates and structures to follow. Simply download them and start filling them out! 

Week 2 Live Recording