About EC Writing Services + Wow School Global


EC Writing Services was officially founded in 2013 by Amazon Bestselling Author, award-winning journalist and editor and The Word Stylist Liz Campbell (me!).

In July 2016, Liz launched her Wow School Global programs, leading business growth and content strategy and writing programs, which focus on delivering simple, easy-to-implement, tried, tested and proven content marketing and writing strategies for savvy, action taking business owners. 

It’s delivered through online programs, face-to-face online events, group training and 1:1 mentoring.


Our culture

We pride ourselves on a caring, inspiring and entrepreneurial atmosphere in anything we do.

We are passionate about bringing out the very best in our clients’ writing ability and business growth and within our supportive and dynamic team.

You are encouraged to take every opportunity to lead and take initiative to make the most of your time with us, while also contributing to the groups with your ideas, content, partnerships, collaborations and a-ha moments!

In return, we will be committed and motivated for you so you get the very best out of our programs and the experience!

The Wow School Values

Fun – to always be having fun even when we are busy.

Style – everything we do and who we are reflects an air of style and beauty.

Family – act like a family, support each other, look after each other, coach each other and we treat our clients like family too!

Positivity – always choose to be optimistic and reach for a higher feeling of happiness.

Respect and honesty – have respect for the business, boss, team, clients, yourself and the greater good. Own up to mistakes, accept it and then move on.

Gratitude – be grateful for every opportunity this business and life gives us.

Communication and conversation – have effective conversations and be outstanding communicators online, with team and clients and people in general.

I’ve loved writing since I was a little girl…


I penned my first book when I was 4 and was a published journalist by 14.

After a wonderful 16-year career as a journalist and editor, I am now The Word Stylist, I teach small business owners how to write online content that rocks and gets results through my workshops and Wow School.

The Wow Schoolers have a secret Facebook group where I share more writing tips, tricks and tactics.


/// Writing has always been my thing.

When I decided I wanted to be a journo at 14 that’s what I did and from then on in, I was hooked. I knew writing was my sole purpose in life and the only “job” I’d ever want.
So I did. I had a wonderful 16-year marriage to the media as an editor and journalist, for international and independent companies, working on fashion, beauty and lifestyle products and working with over 5000 small businesses.

EC Writing Services actually began 2011 as my little side venture while I working in the high-profile land of newspapers and magazines as an editor. I wasn’t writing as much as I used to and I missed it.

But the business had a mind of its own and really started to take flight at the end of 2012.

In March 2013, I made a huge decision – I became, what they call, a “corporate escapee”.

I said good-bye to newspapers and the media, had a quick fling with public relations and then gave my undivided and complete attention to a long-term relationship with EC Writing Services.

It has been the best decision I have EVER made because now I get to focus on small businesses and their content writing needs and wants wherever they are in in the world. Location has never been an issue and we have had style-conscious clients all over the globe.
Now my team and I get to help small business owners create beautiful and powerful words for their website, blog and social media to:


  • leave a lasting impression
  • make sure they stand out from the crowd
  • and generate more leads, opportunities and sales
  • not to mention the fan base of people who love what they are all about.

That’s my main aim and what we stand for at EC Writing Services, and there is nothing else we would rather be doing.

Liz and the Wow School Global team xo