Day 5: Social Sales steps to success

Dear SOSer

Do you want to know how to get more SALES from your social media content?

Of course you do!

Well, today is the last day of the challenge and I’d love you to post your results … how many more comments, likes and shares did you get. How much more engagement? Did you get downloads, email addresses and/sales? Any inquiries?

When I do this with my Wow School clients results have been double the downloads, 5 inquiries from one post, more engagement and comments, sales into workshops overnight and so much more!

Now please don’t worry if you haven’t received a sale or new client inquiry *YET* – it will happen … you may need to do some work on your message, target market, product offering and or structure of your content. <remember, we can help you with that!>

So on that note … let’s go from NOW to WOW on Day 5 and the last day of the challenge!

FRIDAY: Almost the weekend. Find a stat to use in this post. Let’s make this one fun!

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Let’s go into the weekend on a high!

Challenger! It’s Day 5 and almost the weekend (if you started your challenge on a Monday!), so let’s send our people off into the weekend feeling all warm and fuzzy!

Did you manage to find a statistic related to what you do? If not, please go and get that now!

Out intention for today’s post is to keep it light, celebrate a win and then share something helpful. You’ll need a chilled out pic today <family, selfie, weekend vibe, meme, lifestyle, whichever one you haven’t used yet>

Now, I’m pretty sure I’ve already beat you over the head with the words: We don’t technically sell on social! However, there are a few things you need to know!!

How to sell on social media

11 super tips for selling on social media … you’re already doing it!

Social media selling is a process of simple steps. It involves:

  • Capturing the attention of consumers
  • Identifying a consumer’s need
  • Showcasing how you can fill that need
  • Building positive ongoing relationships
  • Causing a positive response (that is, sales)
  • Generating fresh leads
  • Rewarding loyalty

With the right approach, social media can be used not just for strategic digital marketing, but also for selling.

Marketing versus selling

Social media is well known as a clever and effective marketing tool with a global reach. But it can also be an effective selling tool as well, when used properly.

“Marketing” and “selling” are terms often used interchangeably, yet they are not the same thing.


  • Emphasises the consumer
  • Identifies target prospects
  • Communicates brand image
  • Creates brand awareness
  • Delivers premium customer service
  • Requests consumer feedback
  • Anticipates and meets consumer needs
  • Strives to elicit positive brand-consumer interactions

Marketing is dynamic; its focus is on consumer rather than the product. It revolves around satisfying the needs and interests of the consumer.


  • Emphasises the product
  • Proactively seeks prospects
  • Qualifies prospects via interaction
  • Acknowledges concerns of the prospect
  • Elicits the purchase
  • Follows up if a purchase is not completed

Selling revolves around the interests of the vendor. It is focused on the product or service. It is all about converting a product or service into cash.


Tips for selling on social media                            

  1. Plan ahead. Develop a social media campaign that incorporates both marketing and selling. What is your brand identity? How will you communicate this via social media? What story do you wish to tell? You need to decide whether to emphasise a product, service, theme or promotion, and work out how to encourage consumers to actively participate with you in this.
  1. Don’t make assumptions about what customers want.
  1. Know your target customer (Business Bestie!). Look at what is trending on social media for people who are likely to patronise your business. You need to take the time to do some research.
  1. Create great content. You want to position yourself as an expert in your niche. Create posts and link to blogs and other articles that are written for a general audience of normal people. Also remember to create content with a tone and material that suits your target consumer.
  1. NO hard sell! Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to manipulate people or subject them to the “hard sell”. This is actually more likely to drive customers away than to attract and hold them.
  1. Make sure your content addresses a need the consumer has and that you can fill or provide a solution to.
  1. Post regularly. Make sure you also respond to comments on your posts.
  1. Don’t post too much sales-pitch type content. No more than 30 per cent (1 sales post a week!) of your posts should be directly promotional/sales; you will gain and retain more followers if your posts are informational, motivational, inspirational or amusing.
  1. Ask for feedback! Ask your followers questions, run polls, mention or retweet comments, and feature feedback on your page. People like to feel that their opinion matters.
  1. Encourage your followers to opt-in to email newsletters, SMS notifications and other forms of digital marketing.
  1. Encourage your followers to share your content – offer incentives for when an existing customer brings in a new customer.

ONE LAST TIP: Show your followers why you are the best in the business! Continue your content learning journey and join us in the Wow Words Course!

Your Day 5 writing task

Your task today is to share something fun, fast fact or trivia, link to your offer and send your people into the weekend on a high.

Remember your structure … The content writing structure to always follow is:

– Headline

– Lead

– Body

– Call to action

Get your template below…it’s time to get them feeling excited!

And that, beautiful SOSer, is Day 5 done and dusted. Join me on the live call at 9am in the Facebook group because I have a little surprise for you.


See you in there