Day 4: It’s lesson time

Dear SOSer

WOW, Day 4 already! Can you believe it! We have almost already had a week together. I’m going to miss you!

Here is what we are covering in Day 4 of this challenge: MISTAKES and TIPS!

THURSDAY: What’s a mistake people make? Share your best tip to overcome that mistake.

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See you in there

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Are you making these mistakes in your social media content?


– No plan 

An effective social media campaign is well thought out and planned ahead. It takes commitment and time, and is a long-term strategy. If you don’t have the time and inclination to be active and to have a regular presence on social media, content will not work for you! You need, before you even create a profile, to determine your time investment, your goals, and strategy to achieve them.

TIP: Make the time to work on your overall content strategy. This will serve you well into many years and means your content won’t be posted in vain with sporadic results or no results at all! It is worth your time!


– Don’t know your target market and what they want from you

How can you give your people what they want if you don’t know who they are and what they NEED from you? Knowing your business besties inside and out is the secret sauce to a happy audience, who absolutely hang off your every word, and keep coming back for more – eventually making the decision to take you up on your offer.

TIP: Go beyond your target market and find your one true real Business Bestie.


– Content that is not helpful, useful and FUN! <boring!>

Oh, the one that breaks my heart the most … because there’s so much BAD content out there! And when I say bad, I mean it’s not easy to read, it’s not engaging and it’s not helpful. It’s just  … blah. How do you overcome that issue? STORIES, my friends. Stories. Just tell more yarns! This is one way – there are plenty of others too.

TIP: Tell more stories in all areas of your content! If you don’t know how to tell stories in a structured way, we can help you with this in the Wow School Wow Words Membership.


– No structure to your content <it’s confusing to your audience>

The issues I see related to this mistake alone are huge. For example, the content waffles, it’s confusing and doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t follow a format that’s easy to understand, there’s no call to action, there are just big blobs of text on the page, there’s nothing to break it up, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on! This makes it very hard for people to follow what you are saying and 9 times out of 10 you won’t get any engagement. How do you stop making this mistake?

TIP: Follow the structures and keep learning. There is so much to know about content that it can be confusing for you as a Wow Writer, but when you have structures for your posts and content, it’s a lot easier to sit down and write, and your time is better served. Also break up the text using dot points, lists, bold, italics and emojis or symbols. Join us in the membership where we have stacks more templates and structures for you to follow.


– No real sales strategy

Major mistake. Social media is well known as a clever and effective marketing tool with a global reach. But it can also be an effective selling tool as well, when used properly. Selling on social media requires a specific approach which will capture the interest of consumers in such a way that they are keen to click through to your website and explore what you offer. Ideally, they will complete a purchase, post positively about it on social media, come back to shop with you again and generate new leads for your business. That’s the power of social!

TIP: Come back tomorrow because I’ll be sharing some strategies on how to supercharge the results from your content!



Mistakes. Hands up who wants to make a mistake? I bet you didn’t put your hand up!! Even if you look at mistakes like a learning experience, they are still costly and no one likes making them.


The reason is that they cost us time and money.

Two of the major things people need more of and don’t want to lose, right?!


So what’s ONE BIG mistake have you made within your business, life, or area you work in that relates to your target market… and what is your biggest TIP/SOLUTION/HACK to fix it?

SECRET: Everyone else out there posts a quick TIP … try this, do this, etc. You can do this … but mistakes are another way to have more impact!!

What people really want is to know the mistake they are making and then HOW to fix it. That’s where your hot tip comes into play!

So on that note … let’s get writing!


Your Day 4 writing task


Your task today is to share a mistake with your business besties … and then give a tip/hack.


Remember your structure … The content writing structure to always follow is:

– Headline

– Lead

– Body

– Call to action


Get your template below…it’s time to get them feeling excited!

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And be sure to POST YOUR POST on your business page (on whatever platform you choose, use hashtags if you need to) as soon as you have finished it! Don’t wait!

Good luck and have fun today!