Day 3: Don’t sell your SOUL!

Dear SOSer

No selling allowed!

Did you just breathe a sigh of relief? So many people are scared to sell on social and that’s because technically you don’t sell on social media!

One of the biggest mistakes people make on social media is the big sell, sell, sell … there’s a time and place and today we are going to “sell” something, but I’m going to teach you my tips on how to do this so you actually get something from it and not a bad rep!

So let’s do this … this is a big money step.

WEDNESDAY: What’s the biggest problem your audience has? Answer the most frequently asked question you get in your business.

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Tell, don’t sell!

If there’s one thing I know about getting engagement on social media it is that you must build a connection and a relationship first and foremost.

Hardcore selling is simply a no go and I’ve learned that from first-hand experience!

So let me give you a few pointers on how you can get more engagement (and in turn sales!) on social media without being pushy, salesy or annoying – three of the biggest fears people have on social media.


Imagine for a moment a world without social media.

ARG! A world without social media is a terrible thought!


OK, how about we imagine you have a social media profile and an online presence that wows, that is full of conversation and lots of meaningful engagement; likes, shares, and comments, all because you’re sharing your knowledge, expertise and practical information while being a little bit funny. Oh, the banter and engagement that’s happening online for you is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. right now!

Think about what having a profile like this could do for you and your business. It would open more doors and opportunities, showcase you as an expert and get people talking about you and your business … imagine what that might do for you.

Looks good, doesn’t it?

Well, let’s get you on the road to creating content that takes you from now to WOW! Here are my three best ways to get more engagement from your social media platforms.


NOTE: Stories are the biggest key factor here and what we will be talking about in the group at 9am today!


  • Engagement hack number 1: STORIES

Did you know social storytelling is responsible for 65% of conversations had in public (Forbs)? How many stories are you sharing and how many people are talking about you?

Stories are the quickest way to build engagement and start a relationship because they are relatable, memorable, entertaining and emotional,  they show we are all human.

Are you using stories in your content?

Would you like to know the 3 main stories you must tell as a modern business owner?


3 stories you can tell:


– Struggle story – what’s a major issue you have had in your business career?

– Business story – how did your business start?

– How you left your FT job – How did you leave your full-time job? What happened, exactly! Don’t spare us the details!



  • Engagement hack number 2:  QUESTIONS

Ask a simple question! It’s literally as simple as that! What do you want to know or what do you want your people to tell you?


Business: Did you know, do you want to know how, are you asking yourself this, etc.

Personal: What are you doing at the weekend, what’s your best XYZ tip, how do you stay fit, etc.


Questions are one of the most engaging forms of content you can produce because our brain has to answer them!



  • Engagement hack number 3: PICTURES AND MEMES

Share personal image … your family, partner, what you are doing, selfies, memes. Are you attaching any personal pictures with your content?

Funny story … one of the best posts that I have created in recent times over on my Facebook business page – Elizabeth Campbell The Word Stylist – was about my one-year anniversary.

The reason this was a successful post was simply that it was personal and people we engage with want to know we are human, we are the same as them, we are “normal”, and that we have a life outside of our business.

It was really well received! What I have found it is when you share some beautiful personal content, people love it and you are seen as being human. After all, we all want to know we are the same even though we want to be seen as different!

So I give you permission to share your anniversary, birthday, kid pics, pet pics and your breakfast!


When you do all of this …

It becomes a very simple strategy. That is, creating this type of content with a call to action will mean you “sell” more on social media/online … without being annoying, pushy or salesy!


How does that sound?

Your Day 3 writing task


Your task today is to share a problem with your business besties … ask the question and then answer it.


Remember your structure … The content writing structure to always follow is:

– Headline

– Lead

– Body

– Call to action


Get your template below…it’s time to get them feeling excited!

Make sure you check out the Live replay in the Facebook group to get the training on today’s post. I’ll answer any questions you have in there.

And be sure to POST IT on your business page (on whatever platform you choose, use hashtags if you need to) as soon as you have finished it! Don’t wait!

Good luck and have fun today!