Day 2: Share your style

Hey SOSer!

How did you go yesterday … remember to always engage with anyone who comments on your content, even if it is just a “thank you”.

A thank you goes a long way on social media!

And so does a question.

OK, ready for Day 2?

Have you ever stopped to think about what the point is to all the content you are putting out there? Let’s get rid of posting randomly “just because” with really juicy content that will have your audience begging for more!
TUESDAY: 3 things you love about what you do/why you do it or what you stand for + What you are doing this week that you can talk about. 

We are discussing this in the Facebook group Live at 9am AEST … get ready.

Are you yourself online?


Does it match who you are offline?

These are valid questions you need to be across for all of your content, not just social media.

If you are just posting for the heck of it of or because someone told you had to, you may not be getting the results you desire. And I bet you it will come back to one of the above areas.


So what do you do about it? How do you match your style online and off?


* Make sure you know your audience. Everything you do online must be for them and you must have a very clear understanding of who your business bestie is (note, this is more than a target market, it is your best client…what’s their name?).

TIP: Get to know them personally!

* You must understand your message (if you don’t know this, we can help you in the Wow Words course + Monthly Writing Membership. This is everything you stand for in business.

TIP: What do you stand for in business?

* You must know and use your Wow Words (TM) and also your business besties’ Wow Words (TM). This is CRUCIAL! This is how you attract more of your fave clients. (Note, these are words you use all the time and words your business besties use all the time. They have real meaning and impact).

TIP: Write a list!

Your Day 2 writing task

Your task today is to let your business besties know what you love about your work, passion and/or life calling.

Remember your structure … The content writing structure to always follow is:

– Headline

– Lead

– Body

– Call to action

Get your template below…it’s time to get them feeling excited!

Make sure you check out the Live video in the Facebook group to get the training on today’s post. I’ll answer any questions you have in there.

And be sure to POST IT on your business page (on whatever platform you choose, use your own hashtags if you need to) as soon as you have finished it! Don’t wait!

Good luck and have fun today!