Training: How to write to a success framework + 5x templates

The writing templates are below and centre around social media and blogging, and your website. They include:

– Trademarked Word Styling Hourglass Content Writing Figure

– Story-writing framework

– Your Story writing template

– BLOG: General Blog Writing Template

– WEBSITE: General Website Page Template

– SOCIAL: 100 per cent Rule of Content Formula

– PLUS BONUS Social Media Writing daily templates 

Your templates await

“How to write” webinar


Now please don’t be shy … as soon as you have written a piece, I want you to post it asap! Even if it is just in the Wow School Facebook Group (it’s a safe place to post and ask questions as everyone in there understands that sometimes it can be daunting to put yourself out there!).

But, my friend, there is no use in writing or creating content if you never POST or PUBLISH it!

So let’s get cracking on that. Please don’t be like 90 percent of business owners I have talked with who write but never post.

You are different. You are the change. You are the voice. You are the reason for the change and difference in people’s lives … please, please, please POST YOUR CONTENT!

Head on over into the Wow School Facebook group and share your latest thoughts, ideas, and content offerings!

Happy word styling!

PS – just a little note to let you know how awesome you are and how well you are doing! Every little step you take is a step closer to your goal!

STEP UP: Interviewing yourself is an awesome way to engage people … it’s entertaining and real! Give it a go, think of all the questions your Business Besties want from you and answer them in an interview with yourself!

Not really sure how you’re going with your content?

You can book a 1-1 session with me to go over everything so far and allow me to take a look at what you’ve done. These are not free, but are recorded and personal to your business and content. There are two options:

1. 45-minute “pick-Liz’s-brain” session – $300 + GST. It will be recorded and sent to you. You can ask me anything.

2. Content Planning Session – $495 + GST. Very tailored and specific to your business. It will be recorded and a template filled out and sent to you.